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Dr. August Krymis

TPA Board Certified Optometrist

TPA designation indicates that Dr. August Krymis is an optometrist who is certified to use therapeutic pharmaceutical agents and may treat certain conditions of the human eye, or any of its appendages, with therapeutic pharmaceutical agents. As a board certified optometrist, Dr. August may also perform certain procedures on the eye. The therapeutic pharmaceutical agents that may be prescribed, the conditions of the eye, and the authorized procedures are listed in California Business and Professions Code Section 3041.

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Our expert friendly assistance and advanced technology gives you our thinnest "Wove Air" lenses in a unique selection of brand name and designer name frames. Daily wear or extended-wear contact lenses in clear or custom colors, as well as in bifocal designs.

Add our Low Vision for Macular Degeneration; our Vision Therapy for learning problems; our Kid's Eyewear Package; diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes, red eyes, Glaucoma, and other eye diseases (your precious eyes will love us). See us in Kalamazoo or Three Rivers. Ask about our 90-day satisfaction guarantee on contact lenses and eyeglasses, our Real (two-year) Eyeglass Warranty, and special pricing available only with our August Optical Savings Program.